Day Long Photography Workshop in Melbourne

Having bought a DSLR and not knowing how to exploit its full potential, I was always looking for an opportunity to learn basics as well as few advanced concepts of photography and this workshop not only met but exceeded my expectations by a huge margin. Everything about the workshop was very meticulously planned right from a convenient location ( Radisson in CBD) to presentation, teaching aids, hands on exercises and great food!

Vinay is obviously a very skilled photographer and he explained the concepts really well through the images that he has captured travelling across Aus and NZ.
This workshop is highly recommended for those who would like to get introduced to photography and then to those who wish to take their skills a step further.

Wishing you the best of success Vinay and looking forward to your next workshop!

Sumedh, Melbourne

Full day workshop

It was a great hands on workshop. Vinay is a very passionate and patient teacher and always willing to answer and satisfy your queries.
He goes way beyond the scope of this workshop to teach you the basics and beyond!!
There was not a dull moment during this full day workshop which was organised in a very convenient and super location with awesome food during timely breaks!!
Thanks a million Vinay for starting this journey for me and would hope to attend more field workshops with you in the future!!
Amol Daware,
Williams Landing

Amol Daware, Melbourne

Thank you for a wonderful Photography Class

Thank you for a wonderful Photography Class conducted last Saturday at Penrose Community Centre. I was so happy to see different types of lens, brands, sensors, body, types of filters, flashes, learn new technical terms and I have taken away a wealth of information from your session, Your detailed teachings techniques are beyond what I could have ever expected and truly appreciate the time and efforts you put into giving us all information. You truly are Professional in this field, I have definitely walked away with so much information which had clarity to choose right type of Camera and save dollars, I will surly step outside the box and be creative as you suggested and work towards more wonderful images because of this class. Keep up the good work.
Awaiting your next class.
Thank You!

Prashant P, Point Cook, Melbourne

The structure, contents and topics covered were very relevant and helpful.

Your presentation style was also good. .. easy to understand. I appreciate you answering questions as and when they were asked.
It would have been interesting to see and view the cameras you had displayed.
But we went short of time. The presentation and camera viewing would require at least 3 hours together. It would have been great if we had more time.

Aarati S, Melbourne

I got to know actually how deep photography is !

I love photography, for me photography was only to see, zoom and click. But today at your session I got to know actually how deep photography is !
Will surely apply the things you said, can’t wait to learn more.

Pooja K, Melbourne

Very good startup session

Very good startup session.

Vijay P, Melbourne

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